Shared Services Connected Ltd

SSCL deliver a range of high quality shared services for our Government and Police clients, enabling them to operate more efficiently and more effectively. They are helping to reduce costs whilst introducing innovative ways of doing things better – right across the public sector in the UK.


A complete rebrand of SSCL's identity. Prior to the rebrand, SSCL had a little more than an over complicated and outdated logo. Although one or two of the original elements were carried overinto the new branding, The majority of the process involves simplification and distillation of the brand. 

The SSCL logo represents transformation and movement. The logo came to be seen as the embodiment of an organisation that was dynamic. The new logo retains these elements, but uses a reductive clarity to move the brand forward, allowing clear communication between SSCL and the clients. The logo uses a three-dimensional form combined with a sense of movement to convey flexibility and the concept of ‘infinity’.

With the new branding in place, SSCL corporate identity unifies four ‘Centres of Excellence’ - SSCL’s flagship offices. A range of corporate literature and branded templates for both printed and digital communication.


This project was designed and produced whilst employed by Graphicpower.